When I was younger, I always used to love making homemade perfume out of the flowers and herbs in my garden. It was always fun to break up rose petals or lavender and such and make an array of scents. So when I came across this DIY body oil on Jenni Kayne’s blog from herbalist Ashley Moore of Women’s Heritage, I got inspired to make something similar again. Simply mix sweet almond oil with your favorite organic floras—perhaps even from your own garden or backyard. After letting the mixture infuse for four weeks, you’ll be left with a gorgeous-smelling oil you can use all over the body. It’s also a great gift idea!


  • 1 glass jar with lid
  • 2/3 cup dried herbs (or 1 cup fresh herbs)
  • 2 cups sweet almond oil


Fill a glass jar 1/3 full with your choice of dried flowers/herbs from the list above. Pour sweet almond oil over the herbs and up to 1 inch from the top of the jar. Put on the top and set in a sunny window for four weeks, giving a gentle shake once a day. After four weeks, strain out the solids, saving the oil. If your oil is not fragrant enough, you can repeat the process using your infused oil. This is called a double infusion. Still craving a stronger scent? Add 6 drops of essential oil—try rose, jasmine, neroli, chamomile or lavender—per 1 oz of infused oil. Store your oil in a glass container of your choice, or glass bottle with a pump top.

To use: apply all over legs, arms and torso just after showering. Allow your oil to soak in before getting dressed. Enjoy the natural bliss of your homemade body oil!


Hi everyone! The rain was crazy in California this year. I really love the rain, but I also love gearing up for spring/summertime too. I can't believe we are fully in spring now! Time really flies. I wanted to compile some fun spring/summer inspired items that you can get to gear up for the upcoming warm weather season. It's always essential for me to have some staples to mix and match with different items in your wardrobe to create a variety of looks. I also love beauty products that help withstand the warmer weather and keep the skin/ hair hydrated. Enjoy, and get inspired for warmer weather!


  • Zara top with schiffli embroidery - I'm loving all the embroidery this season. 
  • J.Crew polka dot short - I'm really into mixing and matching prints and I think a lot can be paired with the subtle polka dots against the navy color. 
  • Zara embroidered poplin blouse - The contrasting embroidery detail on the hem is so pretty. The top also comes in white!
  • Zara fuchsia mid-rise skinny jeans - Pinks are so in this season.  I think it's more fun than a traditional blue jean paired with this top. 
  • Illesteva mirrored shield sunglasses - A take on Versace shades, these come in a variety of fun colors and are the perfect fashion statement for a twist on an aviator. 
  • Hermès Eau des Merveilles L'Ambre des Merveilles – This is my favorite scent right now. It smells so warm and delish.

  • J.Crew makeup pouch - This elephant print against the coral is so pretty. It also comes printed on tops and shorts right now. 

  • SeaVees for J.Crew legend sneakers in gingham - These iconic Legend sneakers were first designed in 1964; they're over 50 years old and still going strong. This print is exclusive to J.Crew.
  • Havaianas Slim Crystal flip flop - The crystal gives a little excitement to your basic flip flop. They hold up so well and are very comfortable.
  • Moroccanoil Light - I recommend the "light" for people with finer - regular hair, and the regular one for people with darker hair / very coarse, thick hair. 
  • Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask - this mask really does calm down the skin and has cooling ingredients that leave the skin feeling and looking refreshed. 
  • First Aid Beauty anti-redness serum - I love this product and its natural ingredients such as aloe and ginger. 
  • Coola SPF for face - I love the cucumber scented one. So refreshing!
  • Kayu Pipeline Tote - Such a chic beach bag. The tassel detail is so cute. 
  • J.Crew beaded lemons T-shirt -  Such a fun top to throw on. The beaded details in person are so cute! I also love lemons!
  • GAP leather espadrilles - These are 100% leather and I really like this cognac color. They also come in black. 
  • Pressed - Many who know me know I am a huge fan of Pressed Juicery. The juices are amazing and are a great way to get your vitamins in.I also have a nutribullet at home because I love blending fruits and leafy greens, but Pressed is always a treat. The brand also has so many rewards. Greens 3 & 5, Citrus 1, Charcoal H2O, and Aloe H2O are a few of my faves. And the chocolate vanilla swirl freeze is so delish and healthy!! 


Somewhere I always look forward to for a little getaway is our family house in Sonoma. It is somewhere that requires so little planning to leave for, and is such a beautiful place any time of year. My grandparents on my dads side built the house years ago, and we've been going there ever since. We also rent our home out when we aren't staying there through the company Beautiful Places. Danny and I met my family up there on Saturday and spent the night. I really like it in the spring, because all the plants are so lush and the flowers begin to bloom. It's also so quiet and tranquil, something that always reminds me to slow down a bit. 

The stone fireplace is my absolute favorite. It has so much character and I love the texture. It's a key feature in the living room, and I love that it's double sided and goes through the second floor, so you can see it on either side of the house. 

I really love the eclectic vibe of the decor. We remodeled the house about nine years ago ago. A lot of times my family takes things from our own house and brings them up there to use as accent pieces. The ceiling beams are also a favorite of mine and are original. The poster on the bottom left is of my dad's mom, my grandmother who I didn't get to know, but I know she was a strong Cancer woman who loved going up there! 

My favorite room is this little room that I always call the "treehouse" room. I like how it's nestled in and around the landscape and trees.