Moving to San Francisco was not a major adjustment for me, since I was raised there until age five, and frequently spent time there after moving to the Peninsula San Mateo area. Danny and I decided to make the move with an amazing opportunity of the space, and also for his job. Although, we upgraded and could not ask for a more prime location so close to Crissy Field, I think my heart will always belong in the Peninsula. With that said, I wanted to create a space that I could feel completely at home, relaxed, and productive in. Since most days I work from home doing graphic design, and am also quite a homebody, I find peace in being at home.  I think people take being at home for granted. In our stressful day to day routines, it is so important to have that consistent space to feel a home; even if you are living at your parents and your own space is a bedroom, or in transition mode soon to be moving, or if you are currently rooted in your own home. Feeling grounded is so important.

We really transformed the space and filled it with things old, found, and new! I am so grateful for Danny’s logical perspective in the design process as well as an appreciation for fun pieces like I have. I think the new sofa is his favorite new piece, being that we cannot get through a movie without him falling asleep in it… it’s really that comfortable.

Organization is also key for creating a grounded space. One reason moving kind of stresses me out is all of the lingering boxes with things and unfinished items on the to-do list. Little by little we’ve almost completely finished putting everything in its place, but there are still some things that need to be sorted. I am also on the hunt for art, which is fun to look for.  I need a large piece in the dining room and one large piece for behind our living room sofa. I’m also looking for some art for the bedroom.  

One of my favorite pieces that is like an art piece itself, is our dining room chandelier, designed by a local San Francisco artist Jonathan Browning for RH Modern. A sentimental piece to me is the wine rack in our dining room that my uncle just gifted to me when he and his family recently moved. It used to belong to my grandparents and was used as an old ribbon holder, but you can also lay wine bottles in it (we are testing it with only a couple bottles to make sure it can hold the weight ;) until we add them all).                                                                                                                                                                                                    

IMG_0004 (1).jpg

Another space I love is the bedroom because it always calms me down. My go-to option for sheets is white Belgian linen for a relaxed, beachy vibe. I find so much richness in linen.

The office is also a unique space. The wall texture is so neat. I had our painter put thin layers of Ardex concrete on the walls and it turned out wonderful. I still have some unfinished items in this room, but it's coming along nicely. The guestroom is where Danny’s closet is, so I wanted to put some of his favorite things in there, like his baseball art, favorite colognes, and other nickknacks. His dresser used to be in my dad’s old dressing room. It’s an older piece constructed of 100% pure cherry wood and was made in Kentucky.

Overall everything kind of tells a story. I love mixing and matching old with new, and I like when pieces remind me of something or someone. Hope this post inspired you to renew, organize, and adorn that special place you call home!   


Some recourses I love for a variety of items are Jenni Kayne, Restoration Hardware, CB2, Pottery Barn, Joss and Main, West Main Home, Hudson Grace, Chateau SonomaOverstock, Home Goods, Serena & Lily, as well as antique and flea markets galore!


Somewhere I always look forward to for a little getaway is our family house in Sonoma. It is somewhere that requires so little planning to leave for, and is such a beautiful place any time of year. My grandparents on my dads side built the house years ago, and we've been going there ever since. We also rent our home out when we aren't staying there through the company Beautiful Places. Danny and I met my family up there on Saturday and spent the night. I really like it in the spring, because all the plants are so lush and the flowers begin to bloom. It's also so quiet and tranquil, something that always reminds me to slow down a bit. 

The stone fireplace is my absolute favorite. It has so much character and I love the texture. It's a key feature in the living room, and I love that it's double sided and goes through the second floor, so you can see it on either side of the house. 

I really love the eclectic vibe of the decor. We remodeled the house about nine years ago ago. A lot of times my family takes things from our own house and brings them up there to use as accent pieces. The ceiling beams are also a favorite of mine and are original. The poster on the bottom left is of my dad's mom, my grandmother who I didn't get to know, but I know she was a strong Cancer woman who loved going up there! 

My favorite room is this little room that I always call the "treehouse" room. I like how it's nestled in and around the landscape and trees.