I feel like social media has so many pros and cons. Overall, I think it can really be a positive thing when used creatively. One con is that because it is so photo oriented, I feel like we can build this perception of someone but don't really know a lot about them or their personality. So here's a little bit about me for those of you who follow me on social media and my blog. Thank you for following and I hope I can continue to inspire. 


I was born and lived my first five years in San Francisco, CA and then later moved to San Mateo Park to this beautiful house with a big backyard (pictured above) with chickens and lots of different pets. 


I hated pre-school and went to elementary school at St. Catherine's in Burlingame with the sweetest little Italian nuns. Then I went to Notre Dame High, an all-girls Catholic high-school. I went to FIDM for college where I studied Interior Design and went on to the business program there. 


My favorite color is white because it calms me down and can bring peace and beauty to any room, and on a person. 


I am not a fan of heavy foods, so I guess I should just leave it at California cuisine. Anything fresh off the vine or good cold-pressed olive oil dipped in freshly baked whole grain bread with some champagne is truly ideal. I do love sampling types of food that I don't have on a regular basis like Indian or Thai food (and of course a good burrito) but CA Cuisine always leaves me satisfied. 


A good champagne or tequila (or both!). 


Love Actually,  Best in Show, Rear Window,  Fracture, Interstellar. 


Space & technology. My dad and I love science and learning about the solar system. Last summer in Jackson Hole, WY, we got to have a private night viewing through a professional telescope and it was amazing to see, and learn more about the universe. As for technology, I have the highest respect for computer engineers and am fascinated by coding or how how one even gets started on building a computer or electronic device. Can't wait to see what's next.


I always have a candle or candles burning in my house, I love a morning cup of coffee, and at home spa days (masks, long showers, meditation). 


In my opinion, just moving around in general is the healthiest thing for our bodies. We were not built to sit at a desk all day and not move. My fitness regimen includes running, walking, Pure Barre, and occasionally yoga. I don't really like gyms, but use them sometimes when I travel. I am more athletic than most people think. I also really believe that the body benefits most when you enjoy your workouts and put the most effort in. Pick something you love and get active!


My dad, Marc is the most generous and humble person I have ever met. He owns and runs a company with his brother that my grandfather started called Bennett Marine Utility. Hard to explain, but it provides chemical cleaning of industrial & High Purity water and gas system. My mom Yvonne, the most driven and confident person I know, started and ran a chain of boutique hotels in San Francsico called Personality Hotels for 30 + years. She's recently retired and just got a part time job at Hudson Grace! Both my parents never made me get straight A's, but taught me to always do my best, and the importance of working hard for what you want. I have one sister, Lizzy, who is a senior at TCU and is an amazing person for her creativity in the kitchen, and also for her generous spirit. My grandfather is a powerhouse and is 98 years old. He still gets dressed in a collared shirt with a leather jacket, and is still so in love with his companion Billie who is 95.

Lizzy & me in Austria on a family trip. (I want those dresses again) 



I am truly blessed to be dating my best friend. Danny is my boyfriend and believe it or not, we met at 16. We dated in high school and then broke up in college. We did our own thing and on New Years of 2014 we had our first date again and have been together ever since. He is so generous to me and really keeps me grounded. He has no social media which I love and is super calm.


Born on June 17 - Gemini!


I am so passionate about helping animals. I donate to the SPCA every month and currently have two cats from the SPCA, Cosmo & Ink, who are hysterical. Danny wants to wait for the right time to get a dog, which I am okay with, as dogs are a bit more work than cats and I want to make sure my dog has the best life possible. 


I'm obsessed with Modern Farmhouses! I also love Cape Cod style houses.


Lifetime movies, old fashioned maple donuts, & the Bachelor. 

Lifetime movies - the thriller kind!! My dad and I love them because some are so out there. I know this sounds weird, but they almost make you feel like your life is totally normal for a second when you see some of them hahahhaha. 

Old fashioned maple donuts (make sure it's the old fashioned kind) with a cup of coffee on a cold morning - delish.


Throwing up and needles. Nothing scares me more. 


I have a slightly telepathic mind which can freak me out me at times, but it can also be pretty neat! I have been meaning to go to a psychic because it can sometimes be distracting. Usually my predictions come in the form of dreams and are totally involuntary.  

Another is ladybugs. When I was about 10, a nest of ladybugs hatched in my bedroom and hundreds were crawling on my walls. Ever since, ladybugs fly on me randomly wherever I am. It's kind of neat because it seems to happen more when I am under stress, and ladybug symbolize protection and luck.


Lake Como - You feel like you're in a dream.