A couple weeks ago, Dan and I headed to New York and had the best time. Wish I was still there enjoying all the festive Christmas decor and walking around the city. We stayed at The Pierre Hotel, right across from Central Park. The service was incredible and we loved every bit of it. I loved their menu too, and how they had a wellness juice, along with any fruit/ veggie juice combinations you would like. It was such a beautiful hotel and our view was incredible overlooking Central Park. The trees were so gorgeous in the fall. Being in my robe was the best part. 

Seeing the tree put up in Rockefeller Center was so neat. Everyone around us was watching. The holiday windows and decor were so incredible. Sacks was so playful and just like Candyland! Harry Winston was a gem. Ferragamo's garland and lights were endless and so gorgeous too! 

One of the main reasons I went to New York was to meet with my close family friend Lili Wang, who is a designer and is generously helping me with my own line to launch next year. 

The colors in Central Park were surreal. I had never been to New York at this time of year in the height of fall. So happy I got to see them. We walked through Central Park and then down to Madison Avenue. The Ralph Lauren Store on Madison Ave was incredible. It was so gorgeous inside and feels like you're in  a home. We bought a candle there and had it engraved as a memory. My outfit below is J.Crew (skirt & coat here) - I rarely match skirts and coats but I fell in love with this set. 

I was so excited when I found out the Victoria's Secret store on 5th Ave had en entire top floor that served as a museum. All the costumes the angels wear for the VS fashion show and wings are truly works of art. So much detail is put into these runway pieces. 

The architecture in New York is really something special - St. Patrick's Cathedral has so many tiny details I never noticed before. It reminded me of a castle. The Pierre is also striking. Getting off the elevator into the hotel lobby was always so cozy and inviting. Love the check floor throughout. 

The 21 Club was a treat. Their Avant-Garde cocktail was delicious. It was the most interesting tequila cocktail I've ever had. I loved how it was topped with a little star anise. And the other place I love to get a cocktail is at the Baccarat Hotel -  it's truly something special, and all the drinks are served in Baccarat crystal glasses. 

We went to afternoon tea at The Plaza Hotel. I love afternoon tea and couldn't think of a better way to start the holiday season. DC even coordinated his outfit to match mine which I thought was so cute. He was so generous to me on tis trip and I can't wait to return back to NYC together.