This Christmas my mom had our house frosted in Christmas so beautifully. She had her designer Jonathan and his team help with the decorations and it turned out beautifully. She wanted it done before Thanksgiving, the day before I came home and it was all done. I was slightly bummed I didn't get to help her and my dad pick a tree, but it's okay, at least it was flocked (: ! I loved the garland on the banisters going up our front porch stairs and the little details they incorporated with the Christmas figures my parents have collected over the years. Hope your Christmas holiday season is splendid! I can't believe it's already that time of the year. I realized I really need to slow down even if it means slowing my work schedule down, taking a break from technology and social media, or just taking time for me. Dan's dad had a stint put into his heart last week to prevent a heart attack and some other health issues, and it really opened my eyes to what stress can do to the body. I've always been very health conscious, but as we get older, we realize how precious life really is, and it's important to take even better care of our bodies. Happiness and well-being are way more important than the hype. Work will always be there. Give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy tiny bits of this holiday season. 2016 will never be back!

xx love and jingle bells