Giving back is something that makes me feel so good. A lot of times I get stuck feeling really bad for people and animals who are not as fortunate as me. It makes me very sad, but then realize I have to snap out of it a little and begin acting on it instead. A couple of weeks ago, I went and donated some things to St. Vincent de Paul and it felt really good to give back. Yesterday, my mom and I were down in Menlo Park shopping at Alys Grace, a charming boutique (I also used to work at), and a little bunch of Salvation Army cards caught my eye. I really like the Salvation Army and always give to them especially during the holidays, even if it's just a dollar I have floating around in my purse. So I asked the salesperson what the cause was, and each card had a wish from someone in need of what they wanted for Christmas. We went down to Ace hardware and got two little boys the gifts they wanted - a construction set, and a football. It felt so personal to buy gifts for these boys and give them the treats they wanted. We were also grateful when Alys Grace gave back to us by offering us two 20% promos since we donated two gifts. Seeing the domino effect of kindness was a great way to end the weekend. Then today I was shopping for my pets and I went ahead and bought a few gifts for dogs/ cats of the SPCA. After that, I realized I wanted to do something each day to give back leading up to Christmas (and of course after, just a little more intentionally during the holidays). Things like visiting someone who is lonely, or giving up something I have to someone who needs it more. I really enjoy doing this and I hope this inspires you to give back a little more. You never will regret being kind!