I love hanging out in Palo Alto and shopping at Stanford because of the indoor - outdoor mall experience and gorgeous weather. I am not a mall person, but Stanford is an exception. The flowers there right now are beautiful and there are so many events going on. Thursday, my bff Brooke met me at Stanford and we had such a fun time. We checked out this new beautiful boutique Jenni Kayne , and then stumbled upon the Amour Vert opening which was so fun. We kind of got a kick out of the jazz music playing meshed with an island vibe + delicious oysters & champagne. What better remedy for fun-filled company and laughter?! Also, Amour Vert had the cutest tennis shoes I have my eye on. Then we dined at Del Fina Palo Alto al fresco.

On Saturday my bf Danny and I went up to San Francisco without reservations and decided try somewhere new. We got a drink at the beautiful restaurant Quince and went to Boulevard for dinner on the Embarcadero, which we both had never been to. We are dying to go back to Quince when we have a reservation. It is so beautiful. 

I am obsessed with Apple at Stanford. I love the terrarium vibe and architectural details

I had champagne and Brooke had rosé. Cheers! I love both! 


My top is Forever 21, my skirt is Adam Lippes (Sam Malouf, a luxury boutique in Burlingame, has a great selection of his collection), the shoes are Banana Republic on sale, and my bag is the Chloé Small Marcie Saddle crossbody bag. I love the size and look for evening.

I also want to say thank you to my bf Danny who is my stand by photographer. I have been researching photographers in the area because I would love to have more professional looking style shots, but DC (Danny) is doing an amazing job for the time being! He is in commercial real estate and is such a numbers man so I am thoroughly impressed.

I fell in love with this huge piece of art at Quince above the bar. I loved how it was a painting of an indoor space and it was inside an indoor space. 

The bathrooms at quince were also so dim and cozy.