When I was younger, I always used to love making homemade perfume out of the flowers and herbs in my garden. It was always fun to break up rose petals or lavender and such and make an array of scents. So when I came across this DIY body oil on Jenni Kayne’s blog from herbalist Ashley Moore of Women’s Heritage, I got inspired to make something similar again. Simply mix sweet almond oil with your favorite organic floras—perhaps even from your own garden or backyard. After letting the mixture infuse for four weeks, you’ll be left with a gorgeous-smelling oil you can use all over the body. It’s also a great gift idea!


  • 1 glass jar with lid
  • 2/3 cup dried herbs (or 1 cup fresh herbs)
  • 2 cups sweet almond oil


Fill a glass jar 1/3 full with your choice of dried flowers/herbs from the list above. Pour sweet almond oil over the herbs and up to 1 inch from the top of the jar. Put on the top and set in a sunny window for four weeks, giving a gentle shake once a day. After four weeks, strain out the solids, saving the oil. If your oil is not fragrant enough, you can repeat the process using your infused oil. This is called a double infusion. Still craving a stronger scent? Add 6 drops of essential oil—try rose, jasmine, neroli, chamomile or lavender—per 1 oz of infused oil. Store your oil in a glass container of your choice, or glass bottle with a pump top.

To use: apply all over legs, arms and torso just after showering. Allow your oil to soak in before getting dressed. Enjoy the natural bliss of your homemade body oil!