Somewhere I always look forward to for a little getaway is our family house in Sonoma. It is somewhere that requires so little planning to leave for, and is such a beautiful place any time of year. My grandparents on my dads side built the house years ago, and we've been going there ever since. We also rent our home out when we aren't staying there through the company Beautiful Places. Danny and I met my family up there on Saturday and spent the night. I really like it in the spring, because all the plants are so lush and the flowers begin to bloom. It's also so quiet and tranquil, something that always reminds me to slow down a bit. 

The stone fireplace is my absolute favorite. It has so much character and I love the texture. It's a key feature in the living room, and I love that it's double sided and goes through the second floor, so you can see it on either side of the house. 

I really love the eclectic vibe of the decor. We remodeled the house about nine years ago ago. A lot of times my family takes things from our own house and brings them up there to use as accent pieces. The ceiling beams are also a favorite of mine and are original. The poster on the bottom left is of my dad's mom, my grandmother who I didn't get to know, but I know she was a strong Cancer woman who loved going up there! 

My favorite room is this little room that I always call the "treehouse" room. I like how it's nestled in and around the landscape and trees.